Stormi Kitchens

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  • Birth

    I was born in owensboro, kentucky, at mercy hospital. my mom had me naturally. it took 27 and a half hours. i was 6 lbs., 8 oz. and 21 and a half inches long.
  • School

    Firs started school, i attended hager preschool, taught me manners, numbers, letters, colors, etc. then went to first grade they thought i was dislexia. i switched schools and deer park said different. so, they brought me out of that.
  • Trailer fire

    My trailer caught on fire, step dad got our family out just in the nick of time taught me the value of life.

    The bombing happened and killed many; since then, i will not get on a plain.
  • Death of grandmother

    My grandmother died, the closest person to me. HAd alot of down days, life seemed more complicating then ever! i learned not to take anything for ganit.
  • Wind storm

    when i woke up it wasm (birthday) the wind was crazy! Many people had no power for almost two weeks, peolple was out of homes. Thankfully we have Red Cross.
  • Ice Storm

    there was a severe ice storm and it knocked out power for days. We had to survive with no technology or electricity. it was horrible.
  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson died! i loved his music and now he can't come out with a new song.
  • high school

    My first day of high school, i was crzy nervou, learned i had to step up, and mature.
    Has taught me many life lessons, not everything is just simply handed to you.
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