History of Graphic Design - M.Benish

Timeline created by mlbenish
  • Perfume Ad

    Perfume Ad
    Perfume ad - Richard Hudnut, Perfumer - 1909 - New York
  • Kodak

    Eastman Kodak Company. Cine-Kodak - Amateur Motion Picture Camera. 1927.
  • Shoe Poster

    Shoe Poster
    WD Hannah Shoe Company. The Hannah Shoe Catalog. 1930.
  • Whiskey Ad

    Whiskey Ad
    Pleasent Moments Whiskey. Magazine Ad. 1945.
  • Lifesavers

    Lifesavers Candy. Print Ad. 1955.
  • County Fair

    County Fair
    Lincoln County Fair Poster. Lincoln County, Oregon. 1965.
  • Coca-Cola

    1975 Coca-Cola Ad. Theme: "Look Up America".
  • Movie

    'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'. Movie Poster. 1985
  • Theatre Festival

    Theatre Festival
    Bay St. Theatre Festival. Paul Davis. 1993.
  • Fire Dept.

    Fire Dept.
    Long Beach Fire Department. Forth of July Poster. 2005.