Devon's Life

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  • Birth

    That was the start of a great life. google images
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  • First time to disneyland

    First time to disneyland
    I dont remember but i know i had an awesome time of all the pictures of me. google images
  • First baseball game

    First baseball game
    The first baseball game and they also won. That one game drove me back too many more games and can't wait to go to more with my family. cool
  • First Day School

    First Day School
    That's the start of my school career. I was also nervous but i stuck it out for 9 years and I'm still going and don't plan on stoping. google images
  • Got my first gutair

    Got my first gutair
    When i had it in my hands I knew i loved it. Then I started playing it for years. google images
  • First basketball game

    First basketball game
    The Cavs are the best team and they showed it there in that game. google images
  • Playing basketball on a team

    Playing basketball on a team
    In my first year of playing we won the whole thing. And I had a blast playing with all of my teammates. google images
  • Went to California for the first time

    Went to California for the first time
    I saw my sister there because she lives right by Los Angeles. It was also a great trip to say the least. We also saw alot of historical places. google images
  • Going to the Middle School

    Going to the Middle School
    That started 3 years of fun and hard work. And in the future it will all pay off. google images
  • 14th Birthday

    14th Birthday
    That was the birthday that I felt like a teen and I'm still going up and up. google images