Timeline created by georgeh16
  • New Years Eve

    New Years Eve
    The first day of the new year. It will be 2010. It become the new year at 12:00 in the morning. It is a new year every 365 days.
  • Hope's Birthday

    Hope's Birthday
    My oldest sisters birthday. She will turn 11
  • St. Patricks Day

    St. Patricks Day
    A day when a short lepercon's leave gold at the end of rainbows . Four leaf clovers are lucky on this day and is a day of good luck. If you catch a leprecon, you can get its gold and are very lucky, but you have to trick it to catch it.
  • Easter

    A day when Christ rose from the dead after he was betrayed and killed to cleans us of sin. People get easter baskets and treats in them.
  • Last Day of School

    Last Day of School
    It is the day every student loves. The las day of school and summer begins. Freedome and vacations and friends happen.
  • Annalies' Birthday

    Annalies' Birthday
    My youngest sisters birthday. She will turn 5.
  • Faith's Birthday

    Faith's Birthday
    My little sisters birthday. She will turn 7.
  • Halloween

    A day when children dress up scarry and go to peoples houses and get tasty treats. It is from 6:00- 8:00 pm.
  • Thanksgiving

    The day of giving. This is the day when the pioneers have a big feast with the indians. Families get together and have a big feast.
  • Christmas

    The day when Christ was born. People get together to celebrate this. People give and recieve presents and people put up decorations and christmas trees.
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