technology discoveries

Timeline created by correntib
  • Cell phones

    Cell phones
    the first cell phones made it possible for talking on the go not just at your house
  • microsoft invented

    microsoft invented
    microsoft is not a computer it is a program that goes in every computer so thats why these men are so rich
  • Dell created

    Dell created
    Dell computers are one of the most comon name brand computers.
  • Mac Computers Invented

    Mac Computers Invented
    The first mac came with two programs Mac write and Mac paint with only two programs Mac Write Mac Paint
  • Internet invented

    Internet invented
    Internet lets you to search things on the web and also allows you to go on different websites
  • google created

    google created
    google is a search engine that is becoming more popular by the second
  • First Gateway Computer

    First Gateway Computer
    The gateway computer is also a big name brand like dell
  • I phone created

    I phone created
    the i phone is one of the best smart phones out right now it can go on the internet and has apps so you can do anything
  • Myspace created

    Myspace created
    my space is a place like facebook where you talk to friends and hang out on the computer
  • facebook

    Facebook is a networking site where you can play games and talk to friens
  • Youtube created

    Youtube created
    this is a place where you can watch videos and listen to music
  • Twitter invented

    Twitter invented
    TYwitter is a networking site where you can talk and post stuff about you