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  • Hitler breaks Non-Aggression agreement and invades the Soviet Union

    Hitler breaks Non-Aggression agreement and invades the Soviet Union
    hitler invades poland breaking their non agression pact with SU because it was their part of poland
  • U-boats sink merchant vessels sep. 3rd to december 31st 1939

    battle of the atlantic before america got in consisted of allies (not americans) fighting back against the Uboats while america tried trading with allied countrys
  • Vichy france begins june 22nd to auguest 1944

    the Government of France from July 1940 to August 1944
  • battle of britain july 10 1940- oct. 31st 1940

    the battle of britain was mostly in the sky. it lasted till october 31st 1940
  • FDR approves “shoot on sight”

    FDR passes bill for "shoot on sight" given order to navy
  • Japan joins Axis

    Japan joins Axis
    japan joins axis powers with the signing of the Tripartite pact
  • Macarthur returns 1941- 1942

    macarthur returns to war to fight in the phillippeans as part of the philippean campaign
  • peal harbor is attacked

    peal harbor is attacked
    the japanesse bomb pearl harbor.
  • Japanese ambassadors arrive in Washinton, DC

    distraction as the bombing of pearl harbor happened
  • germany and italy declare war on the US

    germany and italy declare war on the US
    after being bombed by japan america was getting into world war 2 when adolt hitler declared war on america
  • macarthur promises to return to the philippeans

    macarthur promises to return to the philippeans
    macarthur promises to return to the philippeans. "i shall return"
  • Bataan death march

    it was the march of POW's in philippeans both american and phillipean
  • battle of coral sea may 4th- 8th 1942

    first aircraft to aircraft battle.
    japan vs america and australia.
    ships fired upon eachother.
  • battle of midway June 4- 7th 1942

    battle of midway was a key naval battle. US vs Japan. it was one of the most important pacific battles and helped turn the war on japan.
  • battle of stalingrad

    stalingrad, russia. germany suffered the most.
  • battle guadalcanel aug 7th- feb 9th 1943

    2nd major battle in the pacific against japan. took place in the solomon islands
  • General Eisenhower and his forces land in North Africa nov. 8- 10th 1942

    operation torch. or invasion of north africa.
  • sicilly falls

    america takes on operation husky
  • fall of rome

    america and the french take back rome.
  • D- day

    invasion of normandy. the first amphibean attack by allies on german soliders.
  • Kamikaze attacks begin

    Kamikaze attacks begin
    didnt have exact date but it said started in october. Kamikaze is someone who kills themselves by driving their planes into an enemy base and killing everything it can. Japan did this cause their planes were outdated
  • battle of the bulge Dec. 16 1945- jan 25th 1945

    battle took place in belgium. germany vs. everyone
  • US raises flag on Mt. Suribachi

    US raises flag on Mt. Suribachi
    US rose 2 flags during the battle of Iwo Jima. the significance of the flags is said that the flag is from pearl harbor.
  • battle of okinawa apr. 1st- june 22nd 1945

    largest amphibean assault in the pacific.
  • Truman becomes president –

    after the president died truman was sworn into office being that he was the vice president at the time
  • hitler commits suicide

    hitler dies in a bunker in berlin
  • V-E Day

    victory in europe day
  • bombing of hiroshima

    Little boy gets dropped on hiroshima 3 days before nagaski gets bombed.
  • bombing of nagaski

    "fat man" or the atomic bomb gets dropped on nagaski
  • formal surrender of Japan

    in tokyo bay, with british and us ships japan surrenders on the USS Missouri
  • V-J day

    victory over japan day (US)
    the UK has it on auguest 15th
    the day japan surrendered
  • MacArthur returns

    macarthur returns to the philippeans just like he promised
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