John Flynn

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In History
  • John Flynn is born in Victoria.

  • Flynn becomes a teacher with the Victorian Education Department.

  • Flynn enrolls at Ormond College for training as a Minister. Also published 'Bushman's Companion' in the same year.

  • Flynn is officially appointed as a Minister for the Presbyterian Church in Adelaide, for work in South Australia.

  • Flynn starts the production of the 'Inlander', a magazine that continued until November 1929.

  • The 'Inlander' printed an article on outback aviation and its potential.

  • Flynn writes an article called 'Flying Doctor-why not?'

  • Flynn meets Alf Traeger for the first time. Flynn is also made a member of the Wireless Institute of Australia.

  • An Aerial Medical Service is established and Traeger joins Flynn as his wireless expert.

  • The "Wireless Weekly" publishes an article by Flynn called 'Bush Wireless'. The slogan, 'Mantle of Safety' is intoduced.

  • Cloncurry Base is established.

  • Harry Kinzbrunner joins Traeger in a search to establish a good communication network by morse key.

  • Flynn's idea of a Frontier Medical Service, as a national organisation.

  • Flynn marries Miss Jean Baird, then secretary of A.I.M.

  • Flynn is admitted to the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

  • Air/ground radio communication is proved to be possible. Radio-telephone was introduced. Flynn fought for and won the establishment of an Aerial Medical Service, Australia-wide.

    Victoria established a Section of the A.A.M.S and in the same year Western Australia decided it would follow.
  • Australian film entitled "The Flying Doctor" is screened in Sydney and creates much interest, drawing in lots of donations.

  • All states have an A.A.M.S. in operation and Flynn's dream is realised. He is also appointed Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

  • A.A.M.S. becomes 'The Flying Doctor Service'.

  • John Flynn dies.

    His ashes rest under the Flynn Memorial Stones at Alice Springs.