Vance-Brandon D. Colorado Symbols

Timeline created by kmatsuda
In History
  • State Seal

    State Seal
    Symbols on all official papers
  • Columbine

    White and lavender blue
  • Lark Bunting

    Lark Bunting
    flies south for the winter
  • Colorado blue spuce

    Colorado blue spuce
    First discovered on Pikes Peak.
  • Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep

    Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep up to 300 pounds
  • Aquamarine

    Blue, blue-green,green
  • Stegosarras

    Lived in Colorado 150 years ago.
  • Blue gramma grass

    Blue gramma grass
    native of CO.
  • Square dance

    Square dance
    A group of 8 people in a square.
  • Greenback cutthoat troat

    Greenback cutthoat troat
    was adopted as the state fish
  • Hait\rsteek Buttcet.erfly

    Hait\rsteek Buttcet.erfly
    kids adoped it as our state inse