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  • State Seal

    State Seal
    A symbol that is on all important Colorado papers the state motto which is Nil Sine Numine which means Nothing without providence the people who designed the seal are William Gilpin the territorial govenorand Lewis Ledyard who terriorial secrectary and was mostly resonsible for the creation of the seal.
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    Symbols of Colorado

  • The State Flower

    The State Flower
    The Lavender Columbine is the official flower of Colorado. This flower's blue petal's look like little doves. The Columbine was probably named after the latin word for dove which is columbae. The color meanings for the flower are blue=blue clear skies in the state Gold=the gold mines in CO white=white soft snowflakes that fall there.
  • The State Flag

    The State Flag
    In 1911 Andrew Carlisle Johnson designed the interesting state flag. The C stands for Colorado. The gold stands for the tons of gold found there. The red stands for the beautiful red soil in the state. The flag has two blue stripes that stand for the clear blue skies. Finally the white stands for the pure white snow here.
  • The state Song

    The state Song
    The gentle flowing song "Where the Columbine Grows" is the song of Colorado. AJ Fynn wrote this song talking or should I say singing about the beautiful land of Colorado: its mountain peaks, its plains covered with crops, and rivers rushing with water.

    The State Song
  • The state bird

    The state bird
    The Lark Bunting is the petite state bird of CO. The legislature adopted this bird in somewhere around 1931 ( I know it says April 29 but it didn't show the exact date.) The bird is about 7 inches when grown to its full size. The colors of the male little singer are usually black and white. The female Lark Buntings are almost all the time gray-brown and white. Like most birds these small guys fly south for the winter.
  • The State Tree

    The State Tree
    The Colorado Blue Spruce is the awesome state tree for Colorado. The Blue Spruce was first discovered on Pikes Peak in central CO. The trees needles range from the colors blue, blue-green, to green. The Spruce survives on elevations 5,000-11,000.
  • State Animal

    State Animal
    The famous bighorn sheep is the animal af Colorado. Their big horns are about 50 inches long when full grown. Suprisingly, this tough male animal is only 3 and a half feet tall and 300 LBS. Weird!
    (P.S. the female is a little smaller
  • The state Gemstone

    The state Gemstone
    The state gem is the beautiful aquamarine. The best places to find the jewel in CO are Mount Antero and White Mountain. The colors of the Aquamarine range from blue, to blue-green, to green.
  • The state fossil

    The state fossil
    The state fossil for CO is the stegosaurus. This dino was chosen by kids in McElwain Elementary because this state had the first complete stegosaurus skeleton. The 30 foot herbivore dino lived about 150 million years ago. For this big reptile it only had a 2 and half ounce brain. I don't think he was smart!
  • The State Grass

    The State Grass
    Blue Grama Grass is the special grass of Colorado. This grass is native to Colorado. That means nobody brought the seeds or plants over there. The awesome grass survives fire and comes back every year that makes it a bulb! How cool is that!?!
  • The State Dance

    The State Dance
    Howdy partner! You ready to dance the state dance of Colorado. The Square Dance is a creative dance danced by eight people in the shape of a square. This dance has been done since sixteen fifty-one. Awesome!
  • The State Fish

    The State Fish
    Green Back Cutthroat. Big name little fish. This symbol of Colorado is very rare. The first Green Back Cutthroat fish were first discovered in Rocky Mountain National Park. Scientists took this tiny group of fish and saved them and are now trying to populate them. This colorful fish has a green back, obviously, a black spotted tail and a red crimson slash under it.
  • The state insect

    The state insect
    Pass the butter! No, this is the hair streak butterfly, the insect for CO. Mrs. Melinda Terry at Weeling elementary in Aurora. This butterfly lives in elevations 6,500-7,500 and feeds on the well known tree, the oak. Colors on this butterfly are unique, they are purple with black borders. The bottom of the wings have yellow to orange to yellow-orange wings. Look for this beautiful insect in Colorado!