Cupcakes for a Special Occasion

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  • Group Formation

    Group Formation
    Delegate who will be responsible for each role in the group. Decide what you will call your Company
  • Period: to

    Cupcakes for s Special Occasion

  • Cupcake Practice

    Today you will practice the making of your cupcakes.
    Marketing to start work on posters.
    Develop design concepts for your packaging.
  • Mock Decoration

    Mock Decoration
    Today you will do a mock decoration of your cupcakes.
    CEO's will need to collaborate with each group member to finalise the client or target market that you have chosen.
  • Final cupcake attempt

    Each production member needs to make cupcakes that will be used for your presentation.
    The marketing person will be working on the computer to complete their posters.
    Packaging will visit the art department to make use of resources.
  • Working towards completion

    Working towards completion
    Production are to decorate their final cupcakes ready for packaging.
    Packaging will be working in the compter room to produce a nutritional panel.
    Marketing will need to develop the Company's jingle.
    CEO - today you will need to ensure that each member will be ready for tomorrow's group presentations.

    Each group has 15 minutes to present to the class. The presentation will include all members of the group.
    CEO's will introduce group members, discuss key concepts, details about chosen market.
    The group will give explanations of posters and packaging and perform the jingle.
  • Group Reflection and Evaluations