Stephen Hawking

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  • Albert Einstein is born

    Albert Einstein is born
    Albert Einstein would go on to revolutionize physics, and laid the base for Hawking's work.
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    Matter-Energy equivalence, Space-Time equivalence and wave-particle duality.

    Einstein's work changes physics.
    The parts you need to understand:
    1. Matter-Energy equivalence - E=mc^2
    2. Space and Time are inseperable; there is no absolute space or time, only relative space or time.
    3. Waves (like light) can be described as particles, and vice versa.
    4.General relativity is a set of equations that describes gravity. It leads to the idea of a big bang.
  • Stephen Hawking is Born

    Stephen Hawking is Born
    I am born.
  • Period: to

    St. Alban's

    I am sent to private school, St. Alban's. My father is a man who believes that he was robbed of opportunities and chooses to send me to private school. He pushes for me to pursue Biology and Medicine. There I become friends with a group of boys and show my gift in mathematics and science.
  • Hawking goes to Oxford

    Hawking goes to Oxford
    I go to Oxford, and, despite my father's wishes, study Natural Science (physics and mathematics). After Oxford, I proceeds to go to Cambridge.
  • ALS

    I am diagnosed with ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's disease) and am informed that I only has two more years to live, maximum.
  • Degeneration of Coordination

    I now needs a walking stick to get around.
  • Marriage

    I marries Jane Wilde. Jane studies foreign languages, and gives up her career to marry me.
  • Wheelchair

    I am now confined to a wheelchair. It is very emotionally difficult for me to essentially give up what little independence I once had.
  • Penrose and Hawking

    Penrose and Hawking
    Roger Penrose (pictured) works with me and together we prove that if general relativity is correct, the Big Bang is the only possible start to the universe. Our work deals with black holes and the Big Bang, but we find more questions than answers.
  • Robert

    Robert Hawking is born. Having this child and beating the doctor's predicition give me new hope. I return to my work with renewed vigor.
  • A daughter

    A daughter
    Jane and I have a daughter, Lucy, who will eventually help me write a children's book series.
  • Period: to


    A rift grows bigger between Jane and I as our contrasting views on religion creates tension.
  • Cygnus X-1

    Cygnus X-1
    Physicists agree that Cygnus X-1 is indeed the first example of a black hole.
  • Black Hole Explosions?

    An article dubbed "Black Hole Explosions?" was published in Nature magazine. It was Hawking's first big contribution.
  • Royal Society

    I was inducted into the Royal Society as a fellow and signed a book that bore Newton's signature.
  • Period: to

    Big Bang

    Much of my's work at this time dealt with the Big Bang and the origin of the Universe. A series of discoveries, including the similarities between the Big Bang and Black holes took place, but were a group of events, rather than single events.
  • Pneumonia and Tracheotomy

    At a conference in Geneva I contracted pneumonia and had to have an emergency tracheotomy, losing what little remained of my ability to speak.
  • Period: to

    Unified theory

    I continue to try to unite relativity with quantum mechanics, but to no avail. The matter escapes me and consumes me.
  • A Brief History of Time

    I publish my first popular, non-specialist science book and it is a hit.
  • Divorce

    Stephen and Jane file for divorce.
  • Second Marriage

    Hawking marries his nurse, Elaine mason.
  • Second Divorce

    Again, his condition makes family life tough and he divorces his second wife.