Africa History

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  • 300

    Chrisianity came to Africa

    Christianity was adopted by the native that lived in Africa
  • Apr 29, 800

    Ghaba trading state

    Ghana became a trading state
    Slaves,gold and cloth
  • May 5, 1200

    Mali Trade-state

    Maly replaces Ghana(Timbuktu)
  • May 5, 1500

    Ottom Empire

    The Ottom Empire took over Africa and it Influence are seen in religion and architect by muslim,
  • Slave Trade ended

    Slave flurish when the European came to Africa and took 10 million African and exported them to America and other part of the world for manual work.
  • Boer War

    a war against Great britian and Ducthover territory(gold).
  • Colonial Period Ended

    Colonia period ended and now Africa had to fight for their right as country and also right for individual groups.
  • Nelson Mandela

    First African that was elected for office and it was a great opportunity because he was the first president that wanted equality for all classes.
  • Greece Conquest

    Alexandere arrive to Africa and conquer Alexandria
  • Lybia

    The first time Lybia open out to other countries after and inccident. Were four tourist were assassinate by a militant group.