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  • my birth

    my birth
    When I'm born I already
    have a bigger brother.
    And My brother said that
    I was very cute.
  • when i move to new house

    when i move to new house
    When it is 2002 i went to my new house i have my new room and it is only for me.I was very happy.But then i new i have to share with my brother
  • i went to canada

    i went to canada
    When i was 7 i went to Canada. it is a very nice place i love it a lot
  • bye bye

    bye bye
    in this time, my brother went to Canada to study. And he went there for a long time, but there is one thing that i knew ....because before i thoght if my brother is not here it will be quite good. But when he is gone i feel boring instead
  • in year6

    in year6
    in this time i meet my best friends they are chloe and yani.
    In that time after the class mates called us ni's sister...because all our ends fo our name is ni...
  • Period: to

    my early life

  • Period: to

    when i meet my friends