Texas Revolution

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  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    When the Mexican Army demanded a cannon from Texans they refused. Then they buried the cannon so the Mexicans couldn't find it,then they dug it back up and put it in a wagon.The wagon held a flag that said "Come and take it".The Blattle of Gonzales took place at Gonzales,Texas. This resulted in the first rebellion against the Mexican goverment.
  • Consultation of 1835

    Consultation of 1835
    A meeting of representatives of various districts of Texas was planned for the fall 1835 at Clombia to discuss escalating friction with Mexico, and consider options for more autonomous rule for Texas. Reffered to as the Consultation of 1835, it was first set to convene on October 16 but it was later transfered to November 4.
  • Decleration of 1835

    Decleration of 1835
    The Decleration of Independence of New Zealand was signed in 1835, it was signed in New Zealand. It has 52 signatures of Maori chiefs. Maori have seen the decleration as a British recognition of an independent Maori nation. The decleration is on display in the Constitution Room at Archives New Zealand in Wellington.
  • Texans Attack of San Antonio

    Texans Attack of San Antonio
    Three hundred men volounteered in the malitia, and the Texas Army began its attack on San Antonio at dawn on Decmber 5, 1835.Since the Mexican did not know the attack was coming, they were surprised and they had little supplies. By December 9 the defending forces of the Mexican army were very badly beaten and they had to surrender to the Texas Army on December 10,1835.
  • Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio

    Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio
    After a though, four day battle in San Antonio against the Texas Army, the Mexican Army ran out of ammunition and had a lot of men killed in battle. So on December 10 the Mexican general Cos sent a Mexican truce to the Texans saying they surrendered. Then, Texas gained all public property and weapons in San Antonio.
  • Texas Declaration of Independence

    Texas Declaration of Independence
    The Texas Decleration of Independence was produced, literally, over night. Its urgency was paramaunt, because while it was beign prepared, the Alamo in San Antonio was under siege by Santa Anna's army of Mexico. After it was prepared, it was briefly reviewed, then adopted by the delegates of the convention the following day. The document contained statement of the function and responsibility of goverment. Finally it concludes by declaring Texas a free independent republic.
  • Blattle of the Alamo

    Blattle of the Alamo
    The Battle of the Alamo was a turning point in the Texas revolution. Following a 13 day siege, Mexican troops under the rule of Santa Anna launched an assault in the Alamo Misson in San Antonio De Bexar. Since the Texans were hugely outnumbered they were not able to keep the Mexican army from entering the mission. The Texans held on and fought bravely but at the end all but two of the Texan soldiers were killed.This battle inspired a lot of Texans in fighting the Mexican army later on.
  • Swearing in of the Texas goverment officials

    Swearing in of the Texas goverment officials
    This is when the Texas goverment officials who were voted by the people were sworn into the Texas goverment.The people were Stephen F. Austin, Branch Archer, and William H. Warton these people were elected as comissioners.Sam houston was named commander-in-chief. These people were the first ever Texas Goverment officials in history.
  • Constitution of 1836

    Constitution of 1836
    The Constitution of the Republic of Texas was written in 1836 between the fall of The Alamo and the victory in The battle of San Jacinto. The constitution was written quickly and while on the run from Santa Anna.The constitution generally followed the U.S. constitution. The goverment wqas composed of a House of Representatives, a Senate, and a President.The constitution is also known as the Siete Leyes.
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    March of the Mexican Army

    When the Texan forces forces captured San Antonio, Santa Anna and his entire army began their march to Texas. It took them a long time and they had many difficulties but Santa Anna reached the Alazan at noon, on the 23 day of February, 1836.
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    Siege of the Alamo

    When the Mexican army reached the Alamo, Santa Anna immediatly demanded for them to surrender. The Texans answered them by shooting a cannon to the enemy. The enemy then hoisted a red-blod flag meaning that they would show no mercy and began to attack.The siege lasted 12 days until the final assault when 1,600 Mexican soldiers stormed the walls in service to their country also known as The Battle of The Alamo.
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    Runaway Scrape

    The Runaway Scrape was a time period of terror and panic among Texan settlements as Santa Anna and his army swept Eastward from San Antonio. The settlers gathered some belongings, abanbdonded their homes and headed Eastward through the most difficult conditions. Many burned their homes to prevent the Mexicans from getting any supplies or they were burned by Mexicans. Since the weather was very bad, many people died, there was also a widesprea hunger and sickness that killed many people.
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    Battlr of Refugio/Coleto (Goliad Massacre)

    In Goliad, Fannin and his remaining force of about 350 men were called on to aid William B. Travis in the Alamo. Later he was also ordered by Sam Houston to retreat, he didn;t do any of these. When he finally retreated they were surrounded, after losing a lot of men they waved a white flag meaning they surrendered. They thought they were going to be held as prisoners then released, but Santa Anna ordered for them to be executed so they were lined up and then shot, the hey burned their bodies.