viticultural fall practices

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  • Period: to

    First wave of canopy management, leaf and shoot thinning

  • Period: to

    Preparation 500 Applied in Summer and Spring

  • Period: to

    Preparation 501: Dispersed in times of Fungal Stress: prior to flowering & for PM

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    Fall Timeline

  • Period: to

    Initial crop projection: (Double the estimated weight when seed coat hardens)

  • Berry Lag Phase: Seed coat hardening

    estimate date
  • Preparations 502-507 are all compost additions, which is added to the compost made on site

  • cluster drop to maintain quality

  • Period: to

    Second wave of canopy management because Mourvedre is so late to ripen

  • Period: to

    Monitoring Brix levels began in earnest, first analysis at the beginning of oct, and then increasing through harvest

  • Fall Rains

  • Period: to

    Pulling leaves and areating canopy to prevent bunch rot

    Everything the vineyard could think of was employed to make sure that the vines were as oen as possible. Leafblowers were used to dry the canopy and the vines and trellis were shaken vigorously to make sure that there was as little bunch rot as possible.
  • Period: to

    25% of Crop DROPPED to maintain quality

  • Pick #1: 3 Tons Yield

    destemmed and pressed
  • Pick #2: 1 Ton--for Stem Ripening

    whole clusters pressed with ripe stems. The added maturity and lignification of the stems imparts positive qualities to the wine
  • Period: to

    Mourvedre pressing and fermenting

    Because Mourvedre is so late there really weren't any problems with logisticially fitting the mourvedre into the winemaking process, the Zin was in barrel and the Sauv Blanc was DONE.
  • Usual post-harvest watering NOT done this year because of the rains

  • CCOF Inspection

  • Period: to

    Planting of Cover Crop

    Fescue Mix: rye grass, legumes, bell beans, vetch, diakon radish and more to help build tilith and hummus.
  • Period: to

    Fruit to pruning weight analysis done on the vines

  • Vine Pruning