25 Events in the 1920's & 1930's

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  • Nellie McClung

    McClung faught for womens suffrage and right to vote. At this time this made social changes. This is important today because woman canvote.
  • Prohibition

    All alcoholic beverages were banned from being manufactured, sold or consumed. The effects of prohibition included less deaths because of cirrhosis in the liver, but also cause much more illegal traficking. Seeing the effects alcohol had on human physical and mental health made Canadians more aware today.
  • Influenza Epidemic; "Spanish Flu"

    An influenza epidemic, known as the Spanish Flu was a world wide disaster. This epidemic killed aproximately 20 and 40 million people and over one year it caused death to more people than those in WWI. This epidemic is still the worst known in history.
  • Winnipeg General Strike

    All workers in Winnipeg took part in a strike as they wished for higher wages. At this time 30,000 workers had left their jobs. To this day, the Winnipeg General Strike is the largest strike in canadian history.
  • The Group of Seven

    First group of 7 art gallery oppenendndn
  • Ford Model T

    At this time Ford had began producing large amouts of model T vehicles. These now had electric starts and did not need to be cranked.This made life at the time much easier for model T owners. This was a step in revolution leading to todays vehicles.
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King

    William Lyon Mackenzie King representing the Liberal Party begins as Canadian Prime Minister. To this day King is the longest serving PM having served three terms in office almost 22 years.
  • The Discovery Of Insulin

    Frederick Banting, a doctor at the time discovered a medical break through. The discovery of insulin saved many people from dying of diabetes the time. Today insulin is still used.
  • The Persons Case

    Emily Murphy fought against the Canadian Law. She was the first British woman become a judge and was fighting for womans rights. This created many social changes at the time and allowed Canadian women to have the equality they do today.
  • Air Travel

    In 1928 passenger planes became more common. This enabled another method of transportation. This impacted today as air travel is very commonly used.
  • Black Friday

    On this date the U.S. stock market crashed, sending Canadians into depression. This created poverty and suffering across the country. Today this is still known as the worst depression in Canadian history.
  • Soup Kitchens

    On this day soup kitchens began spreading over the country. This saved many suffering people.
  • 5 Cent Speach

    A speach was given to the Canadian public by William Mackenzie King (liberal) stating no "five-cent piece" would be given to conservative provinces.
  • The Dust Bowl

    At this time a series of dust storms ripped across the prarie lands and caused severe damage. These storms ruined many homes and destroyed much farm land while many families had to vacate. This still remains the worst of dust storms.
  • Statute of Westminster

  • Hitler Election

    March 23, 1933 an act was passed after federal elections allowing Adolf Hitler to reign power.
  • Protest In Saskatoon

    300 unemployed workers coming from relief camps begin protesting. This left one RCMP officer dead.
  • Creation of CBC

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corperation becomes nations television and radio broadcasting station. At this time CBC allowed people across the country to stay informed and connected. Today CBC is the number on broadcasting company in the country
  • The S.S. St.Louis

    26 000 Jewish people were looking to flee Germany and saw this ship as an escape. They boarded expecting never to see Germany again, but were fooled. The hopes of many people were let down.
  • "On-to-Ottawa Trek"

    Camps of thousands of unemployed men began their march eastward to Ottawa in protest. At this time this affected the parliment as Bennett lost many supporting seats.