2020 Road to religious freedom

Timeline created by ohnoanothermeme
  • Puritans "purify" the church

    Puritans were people who tried to shape the church to their beliefs, and did so violently.
  • Cecelius Celvert was given possession of land

    Cecelius Celvert was given possession of all land lying between the Potomac river and the Chesapeake Bay. Cecelius used this as an opportunity, he granted religious freedom to Catholics in England. In this process he hoped to also turn a profit.
  • Maryland is settled

    Cecelius' Colony was a failure and doomed the catholic experiment
  • Rhode Island is created

    Roger Williams believed in religious freedom, so that churches would not be supported by tax dollars. Roger later purchased land from the Narragansett in 1636 later called Rhode Island where religous freedom was permitted
  • Anne Hutchinson is banished from Massachusetts Bay

    She was arrested for heresy and speaking out against the church. Her thoughts were seen as “extremely dangerous”.
  • Period: to

    The First Great Awakening

    The Revitalization of religous piety that swept throughout the American Colonies.
  • The Virginia Bill of Rights

    This Bill granted religous freedom, however failed to protect it and stop the establishment of state religion.
  • Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom

    Changed the Virginia Bill of Rights so it covered it's previous flas