1980-1990 Telephone History

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  • Bell System FO3

    Date unknown
    Fiber Optic Cummuntications is developed in 1980. Fiber Optic generation has improved systems followed quickly one after the other.
  • IBM PC is Introduced

    Date unknow
    Internet would use the telephone lines in the future to transmet infomation through a personal computer. This is the year IBM introduced the PC.
  • AT&T Breaks Up Bell System

    Date unknown
    AT&T agrees to break up its Bell System telephone compains. "Ma Bell" becomes a bunch of "Baby Bells".
  • Caller ID

    Date unkown
    A patent for Caller ID was filled Carolyn Doughty of Bell Labs. Caller ID displays incoming tlephone numbers to show up on the screen.
  • Voice Mail Patent

    Date unknown
    In 1982 voice mail was awarded a patent. Voice message exchange manged electronic message in a digital format.
  • FAX Machines Become Popular

    Date unknown
    The FAX machines become popular. A printed sheet of paper can be sent across telephone lines and recieved whole on the other end.
  • FCC Grants Frequency Range

    Date unkknown
    The FCC granted the frequnecy range of 47-49 MHz for cordless phones. This allowed cordless phones to have less inerference.
  • Pocket Phone

    Date unknown
    Pocket cellular telephone is introduced by Motrola. This Micro Tac was the smallest cell phone on the market
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