1938-1945 Inventions (Non-Weapons)

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    Inventions (non-Weapons)

  • The Tape Recorder

    The Tape Recorder
    Recorded Sound and was hand powered it could reach up to 70 RPM. They did not arrive to the U.S. till 1945. They were big but still considered modern.
  • Ballpoint Pen

    Ballpoint Pen
    The Ballpoint pen is invented by Biro. He used the same ink in the pens as the one in the newspapers.It is called the ballpoint pen because it has a ball in the point (Bottom Of Pen).
  • phase-contrast microscope

    phase-contrast microscope
    An instrument that permits the study of internal cell structure without the need to stain and thus kill the cells. Zernike obtained a doctorate from the University of Amsterdam in 1915.In 1952 Zernike was awarded the Rumford Medal of the Royal Society of London.
  • Frequency Modulation

    Frequency Modulation
    Gave sound through radio waves. Its most commonly known by its initials FM. In 1935 Major Armstrong announced that he had developed a system of frequency modulation that not only was free from frequency distortion but had marked advantages in its high signal-to-noise ratio.That is, the system had been made relatively insensitive to outside disturbances such as static.
  • Working Helicopter Created

    Working Helicopter Created
    First working helicopter constructed by Sikorsky. Sikorsky was German. He tried for many years to perfect a helicopter but it wasnt till 1939 that he succeded.
  • Automatic Dishwasher

    Automatic Dishwasher
    Basically a faster way to wash dishes. People over time were updating there appliances and getting new ones and the dishwasher was one of them. It was a good advancement in history and something that is still used today.
  • Color Television

    Color Television
    The first colored T.V. was developed by Peter Carl Goldmark. An Invention that is still used today. He improved the world of entertainment.
  • Z3 Computer Is Developed

    Z3 Computer Is Developed
    The Z3 computer is developed, the first machine to be controlled by software. Operated at 5-10 HZ. It was completed in Berlin 1941.
  • Digital Compuer Created

    Digital Compuer Created
    First digital computer is built by Atanasoff and Berry. It was designed only to solve systems of linear equations. People wernt really intrested in it because it could not do a lot.
  • Vaccine For Influenza

    Vaccine For Influenza
    It was available for the public use in 1945. Made for the United States Military by Dr. Thomas Francis. He got the Us medal of freedom in 1946 by the president for the vaccine.