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  • wilson presents his 14 points to congress

  • riots in vienna and budapest

    lack of food
  • bolshevik govt rejects germany peace terms

  • bolsheviks walk out of peace talks

  • germany resumes attacking russia

  • lenin encourages peace talks

  • treaty of brest litovsk

    russia pulls out officially
  • michael offensive

    against british through april 4
  • germany attacks france with long range missles

  • RAF created

  • red barron shot down

  • romania signs peace treaty

  • 1st USA action

    battle of cantigny
  • germany reaches the marne river

  • belleau woods

  • US- 1mil in europe

  • 2nd battle of marne

  • tsar nicholas killed

  • us first army announced

  • muese-argonne offensive

  • bulgaria armistice w allies

  • prince max von baden

    wants armistice
  • german uboat sinks irish ferry

    filled 500
  • ludendorff resigns

    doesnt want germany to surrender
  • mutiny german navy

  • turkey armistice

  • austria hungary armistice

  • kaider wilhelm ii abdicates

  • 11am fighting stops

  • serbs, croats, slovenes declare independence

  • wilson arrives paris peace talks

  • david lloyd george wins PMof england