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    1918:At the End

    1918:At the End
    World War 1 ended. The allies were victorious and Canada was apart of it. During these times remaining soldiers were returning home and then started to remember the fallen(which is why we have a remembrance day ceremony on the 11th month on the 11th day at the 11th hour) Many people even proved their peoples worth and were finally started to be treated right
  • 1914:World War 1

    1914:World War 1
    On this date World war, 1 started and sent many people into a panic. Many people died serving in this war and many people died trying to escape it. Canada was technically in the frontline due to the British declaration. Thousands of Canadians fought and showed great courage. Some even got us to where we are today with our rights.
  • 1918: Wear a mask

    1918: Wear a mask
    Right after the War, there was a major major outbreak known as the Spanish flu or more well known as influenza. 50 thousand Canadians died and this led to creating health departments. Many started to wear masks made of cloth in fear of catching it. (wear a mask now to please) This, later on, made people more aware of health and safety.
  • 1918: Prohibition

    1918: Prohibition
    The government refused and banned the production of any form of liquor due to groups like the WCTU and what resulted in this was bootleggers selling alcohol illegally this did cause lower crime rates which were a good thing until clubs that illegally sold alcohol were formed. This later ended due to the creation of LCBO
  • 1919: One year later

    1919: One year later
    A year after people started to fix all the damage and destruction that the war caused of course, what also happened was discovering the value of people's lives who were not what was the standard at the time. People of colour, women and others were finally treated the same as other men. Jerry Jones or Peggy showed others their worth and how it is to be a soldier no matter the differences. French Canadian soldiers wanted to be loyal to both countries but instead chose to represent both
  • 1920:The Roaring 20s

    1920:The Roaring 20s
    During this time everything started to get better in Canada. From the fact that women were allowed to vote because of women like Sister Katherine or Mae Belle Sampson proving that women could be of worth and they are not helpless creatures left to do nothing. Markets in Canada were also skyrocketing and not to mention the number of children that were had after the war.
  • 1921: Canada is booming right now

    1921: Canada is booming right now
    Agnes Macphail was elected as the first woman of parliament in Canada. She did a lot of good during her times in the parliament and even made history that year. There is an award named after her to reflect on her good during her life.
  • 1922: Still roaring

    1922: Still roaring
    After the war, this year was roaring even louder than 1920 when insulin was discovered by a man named Fredrick G Banting at the University of Toronto in 1921. Many people were saved due to this and in 1922 it was used for the first time to help a diabetes patient and it was a success.
  • 1922: Its just yelling now

    1922: Its just yelling now
    During this year the Chanak Crisis was going on and prime minister Mackenzie King refuses to send Canadian troupes to support Britain during this time of events. Along with that Mackenzie King boosted the morale of many people in this time of events.
  • 1929:Theres not a single sound now

    1929:Theres not a single sound now
    The great depression has officially started. Stock markets and job industries have never been worse. Many died of starvation many suffered and many could not even survive a day. From the time that was known as roaring, it was now dead silent. (Which is why anyone born from here to the end was known as the silent generation)