1910-1920 Fatima & Jackie 2 period

Timeline created by Jackie & Fatima
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  • Political Leaders & Events

    Political Leaders & Events
    Events that happned during 1910 are the Mexican revolution and Polish soviet war.
    Political Learders were Woodrow Wilson and Vladimir Lenin
  • Inventions and Discoveries

    Inventions and Discoveries
    The x-ray tube was invented,the atomic nubers were discoverd and also the vitiman A and D were discoverd.
  • Entertainment during this years

    Entertainment during this years
    Movies:Mabel at the wheel
    The battle at elderbush gulch
    Music:The jazz age
    Victor orchestra
    Radio:KDKA 1020.am
  • Famouse People

    Famouse People
    Charlie Chaplin was know as the most creative and comedic actor.
    Rene Maqritte was a famous painter.
    Al - Jolson was an american singer, comidian and actor in his hayday.
  • Fashion amd Fads

    Fashion amd Fads
    Tublar dresses , straight line chemise , hoble skirt and then lower necklines became popular.