1900 - 1910 TELEPHONE

Timeline created by ETHAN BROWN BEAR
  • The first Payphone

    The first payphone was made in Hartford Bank. It was worth 15 - 20 cents for each call.
  • First international Call

    The first intenational call was made from Key West to Havana, Cuba.
  • Marconi first international radio waves

    The first international radio waves were made for the letter S. The signal was not strong and was tryed from 3PM to 7pm.
  • First 2 way wireless communication

    In 1903 the first two way communcation from the U.S to Europe. The telegraph went from Teddy Roselvelt to the King of England.
  • Dr. Lee De Forest

    Dr. Lee De Forest made the audion three element vacuum waves to amplify radio waves.
  • Magneto wall/ desk phone

    The desk/ wall telephone was made by Magneto in 1908. The desk phone was only for very wealthy people.
  • AT@T

    AT@T bought Western Union Telegraph. It was taken over but kept the name.
  • Telephone cost

    The telephone cost was about 14 dollars from 1900 - 1920. Only the very rich people had it.