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In History
  • Jamestown

    Establishment by English
    Most people were treasure hunters. People had suffered from many conflicts (starvation, Indians, internal)
  • Camp Henry

    Establishment by English
  • Mayflower Compact

    Laws were required to organize all the people who had traveled to the New World. This had a set of rules for self-governance to these people.
  • Maryland

    Established by Sir George Calvert. The settlers had bought the land from the Native Americans. The first settlers had a carefully selected group of Catholics and Protestants.
  • New Hampshire

    English established in New Hampshire by John Mason. This was planned as a fishing colony.
  • Toleration Act

    Parliament granted freedom of worship to Non-conformists. Demonstrated the idea of a comprehensive Church of England.
  • Slavery

    Slavery was first legalized in this year in Connecticut and was recognized in the American colonies.
  • Staple Act of 1663

    Created by King Charles II, English merchants and manufacturers, and enacted by English Parliament. Its purpose was to increase revenues from colonial trade for the crown and other parties involved.
  • King Phillip's War

    War in New England. King Phillip vs. Metacom Indian forces on colonial settlements. They fought because of the encroachment on the land. 12 towns were destroyed, their relations fell apart.
  • Period: to

    First Permanent English Settlement

    established by London Company in southeast Virginia
  • Period: to

    Glorious Revolution

    It started to overthrow King James II. Established English Bill of Rights. Inspired the North American Constitution.