1600 - 1700

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  • Port Royale Established

    Port Royale is established by the French in Acadia (Nova Scotia). This helped jumpstart French colonization.
  • Jamestown Established

    Jamestown, The first semi-successful English colony, is established. The colony was built on unfarmable and disease-prone land. This, coupled with incompetent colonists, led to the Colony's lack of success.
  • Quebec Established

    Quebec was established mainly for the French fur trade and was welcoming to Natives, as they would be crucial guides to the French hunters and traders.
  • Santa Fe Established

    Santa Fe, the first permanent European settlement in the southwest, is established.
  • The Beginning of American slavery

    The first African slaves are imported to Jamestown.
  • Plymouth Colony Established.

    The famous Plymouth colony is established in 1620. While Jamestown was a financial venture, Plymouth was a religious colony comprised mostly of Puritans hoping to establish faith-centered communities. Puritans believed in the idea of creating a "City on a Hill" and strove for their colonies to be examples.
  • New Amsterdam

    New Amsterdam, the Dutch settlement that would later become New York, Is established in July 1625.
  • Period: to

    English civil war

    Friction between King Charles I and Parliament sparks a civil war in 1642. In 1649, Parliament wins and Charles is executed.
  • New York

    The English seize New Amsterdam from the dutch and rename it New York.
  • Charleston Established

    Charleston, known as Charles Town until the 1870s, was named after King Charles the Second of England.
  • King Phillips War

    King Philips war was a bloody war between several different Native American tribes led by a native named Metacom and the Colonists. Metacom was known to the English as King Phillip. It is debatable whether the war was started by Metacom or the Colonists.
  • Period: to

    Pope's Revolution

    A Puebloan religious leader named Pope besieged Santa Fe and took over New Mexico. The Spanish returned in 1692 to retake New Mexico
  • The Glorious Revolution

    King James the II is replaced by Prince William of Holland. Because this coup was relatively peaceful, it is called the Glorious revolution.