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  • resignated to the war

    resignated to the war
    ulysses s grant was resignated to the war by the secratary of war
  • he takes personal command

    he takes personal command
    Grant takes personal command of the Vicksburg expedition, over McClernand's protests

    Grant seizes the Weldon Railroad, a vital supply line for Lee's army
  • grant

    he agreed to be secratary of the war
  • he resigns

    he resigns
    grant resign to be the head of the war
  • running mate

    running mate
    his running mate was henry wilson
  • during election

    during election
    Durin the election in the United States there was two major campain issuses. The issues were ecomomic and postward socials.
  • Grants Election

    Grants Election
    In his election he had schylor colfax for vice president they were both republicans; and was competing against johnson.
  • ulysses s. grant became president

    ulysses s. grant became president
    ulysses s grant becamme 18th president in 1868
  • first inaguarl

    first inaguarl
    in his first inagural he said he wanted to ratify the 15th amendment.
    the 15ht amendment was to let any race vote.
  • Reelection

    Even though Grant was blamed for getting the US into an econmic mess; he was realected for the 2nd time.
  • he lead his army

    he lead his army
    Grant leads his troops to Belmont, Missouri, across the Mississippi River from Columbus, Kentucky,
  • away from white house

    away from white house
    grant was retired from the white house

    After Lincoln dies, Vice President Andrew Johnson is sworn in as the nation's 17th president.
  • during his presidency

    during his presidency
    during the time when he was prsident
    he put the USA in a great depression of ecomimy after the war.
  • honored

    he has been honored in many countries and has done much to improve relations with the United States.