13 Colonies Timeline

Timeline created by Edwin Luna
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  • Jamestown

    On May 14th, 1607 Jamestown was founded. It was named after the English King and it was the first English colony in America. Jamestown was established as a place for new dicoveries.
  • New York

    New York
    New York (a.k.a New Amsterdam) was founded by The Dutch in 1613. Manhattan was a trading post for exchanging furs with the Iroquois. The city was also named New Netherland. New York had then become an active colony and General Peter Stuyvesent was forced to give up this colony by the English.
  • Massachusetts

    This colony was founded by Pilgrims and Puritans on 1620. This colony was where the pilgrims built Plymouth in 1620. The colony was founded for religious freedom. The Mayflower Compact was signed here.
  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire
    The colony New Hamshire was founded by John Mason on 1623. New Hampshire was a fishing colony and it was founded for religious freedom. This colony planned for goverment and exeter compact.
  • The Founding of Virginia

    The Founding of Virginia
    Virginia was founded on March 27th, 1624 by the London Company. It was a Royal colony ruled by the London Queen and King. The purpose for this colony was for the expansion of New England
  • The Founding of Maryland

    The Founding of Maryland
    Maryland was founded on 1634 by Baltimore George the second. Maryland was a proprietary colony. The reason for this colony was refuge or haven for Catholics
  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island
    Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams and was later founded by Anne Hutchinson in 1663. The purpose for this colony was for freedom of religion. This colony was the first colony to have seperation of church and state goverment.
  • Delaware

    Delaware was founded originaly by Peter Minuit in 1638. William Penn was also given credit for the founding of Delaware in 1681. Delaware was part of Pennsylvania until 1701. Henry Huson was the first to see this colony's land but he never claimed it for the Dutch. Peter Minuit was working for the Sweden Company.
  • Connecticut

    The colony Connecicut was founded in 1639 by Thomas Hooker. This colony was founded for religious and political freedom. Hooker built the first colony based on puritan guidelines because he hated the lack of democracy in Massachusetts.
  • The Founding of Carolina

    The Founding of Carolina
    The colony Carolina was founded by Virginia colonists. The colony soon broke into two colonies to prevent spanish settlers from taking over and because Carolina was too big. North Carolina was a Royal colony and it was established on 1712. South Carolina was a proprietary colony and was then established on 1719.
  • New Jersey

    New Jersey
    The colony of New Jereseywas founded on 1674 by John Berkeley and John Carteret but it was Carteret who named New Jersey. This colony was given to them by James the Duke. New Jersey was part of the colony New York.
  • Philadelphia

    Philadelphia was founded by quakers who were working for William Penn in 1681. The colony was established for freedom of religion. The quakers were no-violent so they made Penn's colony. William's' colony is Pennsylvania.
  • The Founding of Georgia

    The Founding of Georgia
    The colony Georgia was founded on 1732 by the General James Oglethorpe. This colony was home for debters who were running away. Georgia was a proprietary colony then it became a royal colony in 1752.