Coachwise Company History

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  • The beginning

    NCF Publications Ltd is incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 as a private limited company, wholly owned by the National Coaching Foundation (NCF). Its purpose is to promote and distribute educational materials for coaches. Sebastian Coe is appointed as Chairman.
  • Name change

    NCF Publications Ltd changes its name to Coachwise Ltd. The initial business plan for Coachwise envisages sales of NCF materials via high street retailers, wholesalers, exhibitions and mail order.
  • Mail order

    Later in 1989, it becomes evident that NCF materials are not appropriate for the retail and wholesale markets and the only viable option is mail order. As a result, the team develop a the customer database and link with other sports-book publishers to distribute their products via mail order catalogues.
  • Chairman

    Trevor Brooking takes over as Chairman of both NCF and Coachwise.
  • Support for governing bodies

    Coachwise gains considerable knowledge in a number of support solutions for the NCF. These solutions are subsequently offered to governing bodies across the UK.
  • Coachwise moves

    The Charities Act 1993 gives the Charity Commissioners greater powers to monitor and investigate the affairs of charities. One of the issues this act addresses is the relationship a charity has with its trading subsidiaries. Consequently, the NCF and Coachwise have to ensure an appropriate arms-length relationship is maintained between the companies. The NCF moves to Cardigan Road, Headingley and Coachwise physically separates from the NCF by acquiring its own premises at Bankfield Mills, Armley
  • First employees

    In July, staff who had been seconded from NCF since the establishment of Coachwise are transferred to Coachwise and become its first employees.
  • Shares

    In December, NCF purchases 129,998 shares in Coachwise, increasing its financial investment from £2 to £130,000.
  • Chairman changes

    Trevor Brooking resigns as Chairman and Geoff Cooke is appointed as acting Chairman of Coachwise.
  • New premises

    Coachwise moves to larger (12,000 sq ft) and more suitable premises at Chelsea Close, Armley.
  • New Chairman

    Coachwise has 13 employees. In July, Derek Taylor is appointed as Chairman of Coachwise.
  • Online shop:

    Coachwise has 31 employees. Coachwise launches the online shop for sports education and coaching, <a href='' target="_blank"></a> to complement its mail order catalogues.
  • 1st4sport Qualifications

    Coachwise establishes <a href='' target="_blank">1st4sport Qualifications</a>, an accredited awarding body for sport, recreation and allied occupations qualifications.