The Life Of Gabriel Ason Irael Williams!(:

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  • "Reflexes"

    My mother told me that when I was a kid I would kick in her stomach and she told me that every time i would kick she would hit her stomach and and I would kick back! She told me she thought I was gonna be a kick-bxer when I got out of her tummy! Then she told me every time my Dad would hit or knock back at me I would kick back! I thought that was the funniest thing because I'm more closer to my Dad hen anything :)
  • "Infancy"

    I was born on a Tuesday! at 5:30 in the morning, my mother don't really remember how much i weigh because it was a bunch of use! My mother was 6 months pregant with me when she found out that she was having a baby! My mothers name is Rochelle Curry! but i took my fathers last name and my grandmothers middle names! My name is Gabriel Ason Israel Williams! and i was born on August 10, 1994 :)
  • "Motor Development"

    It was five days after my seconded birthday and it was me and my older sister Sandra and the rest the rest of the family but it was mainly me and my big sis! But she told me she was eating pizza and I got on my knees and I stood up and I walked to eat some oof my big sisters pizza! Everyone said that they was so happy! that I walked for the first time but I got scared and I started crying because everyone was screaming and yelling and calling my name! But it it was funnnn :D
  • "Divorce"

    I think I was about four years old when my mother told me we had to move because her and my dad had divorced we moved form place to place and i would always ask my mother when is daddy coming home but she would always tell me that he loved me! every time i asked about him! still till this day I havent heard or seen my father! no card, no call, no i love you and miss you's, no nothing and it hunts me still till this day! But i know that i have that speaical someone in my life already! my mother(:
  • "Attachment" & "Stranger Anxiety" & "Separation Anxiety"

    First day of the big school kidergarten and my father and mother stayed with me for an hour to get me use to the school! I didnt want to go near that stranger that was trying to be nice! lol but my mother had told me she was going to the bathroom and she told me she would be back so my father sayed with me! My father told me he was gonna so check on what my mother was doing and so he left me then my teacher told me she was gonna watch over me until they got back so I didnt mind!
  • "Crowds"

    I am around crowds everyday at school, at home, walking down the street. You can be around plenty of people and be around crowds! Like during a fair! or any other place where there is a bunch of people! it just all depends on where you are and who you hang with!
  • "Contact Comfort"

    It was Halloween and my mother took me trick-or-treating and i didnt want to leave her said and I couldnt eat my candy or walk anywhere without her! people thought i was crazy or a bit cry babyish! but i didnt think so i love my Mom :) lol
  • "Self-Esteem"

    I didnt feel self-esteem issues until i moved out here in Evansville IN. I felt that everyone was judgemental I would always some home and cry because people would make fun of my because my eyes looked a little different then theres! i would always get picked on in my younger days! My old sisters was the ones to be "LIKED" I never was and i think that was one of my problems back then i cared of what people thought about me then what i thougth about myself it was a bumpy road for me!
  • "Cliques"

    I never saw cliquse until i moved out here in Evansville becuase where i use to live it wasnt like that at all because we all was friends! no matter what we did we was together out here its way! more different! I wouldnt say im apart of a clique because i like everyone! equal and if people done except me for me then I dont talk to them!
  • "Young Adulthood"

    It was my 13th birthday and my step dad told me that the young adulthood isnt gonna be easy he told me there are gonna be alot of responsiblity with it comes to home and school and sports if i play them! At first i thought the adulthood was gonna be amazing until my step dad started giving my chores everyday and staying in my butt about it! I didnt lik eit but in the end it taught me a listen! that no what you have to do what you need to do in order to make it in life no matter what!
  • "Anorexia Nervosa"

    I was going through a stage of where i thougt i was fat and i thought because of that, that guys dont like me and wont date me so i would not eat meals and i would skip around on meals each week and worrk out! without a dinner or breakfast! I dont think im fat i know now that im a thick girl and that i have to except that i am! i cant be like one of those models on that magazine! I came to mind that i love my body shape but losing pounds isnt gonna be easy but im willing to try! :)
  • "Peer Pressure" & "Puberty"

    This event happened not too long ago! The older i got the better i start feeling that i was a pretty girl and the guys started to noicted me for once! and it was the sertain guy that liked me for who i was! (not really ive learned that the hard way) but he convised me to sneak out and lie to my parents abotu where i was at when i was with him and finally I got caught and i was grounded forever and a day! I felt that i was smelling myself instead of doing the right thing! I have learned my listen
  • "Juvenile Delinquency"

    Last year me and my family have been going through alot with my older sister Joelle and my little sister Savasia! they both was in and out of jail! and they are in there right now becaue they didint want to do right they stole and did what they wanted to do instead of being whats told to do! I love my sisiters but they made some horrible choices and now i feel that thelies they have told about this family! people are gonna look down at use because of them...