Meghan's timeline

Timeline created by owenmac1
  • Oklahoma city bombing

    Timothy. J McVeight sentenced to death for Oklahoma city bombing
  • I was born

  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong return to Chinese rule.
  • $ for Halocaust victims

    Swiss pay Halocaust vicims!
  • New York Trade Center bombing

    Two convicted in NY Trade Center bombing.
  • President sex scandle

    President Clinton acused to sex scandle with Monica Lewinsky
  • Europe curency

    Europeans decide on single curency, the euro
  • Unabomber

    Unabomber sentenced to 4 life sentences.
  • Finance collapse in Russia

    Russia fights to avert fia=nance collapse.
  • Clinton, inpeachment trail

    Impeachment trail held for Clinton, he is found not guilty.
  • JFK. Jr. dies

    JFK Jr. his wife and sister get lost at sea when they were flying over Marthas Vinyard.
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela 1st black president in South America but then steps down.
  • Earthquake in Turkey

    Magnitude 7.4 earthquake kills 15,600 and leaves 600,000 homeless.
  • 2000 Election

    US President give Bush victory 5-4
  • Navy sailors killed by terroist

    U.S Navy sailors are killed in Yemen when terroist blow up their boat.
  • mad cow disease

    Mad Cow disease spreds in Europe
  • 43rd president

    George W. Bush becomes 43re president.
  • 9/11

    hijackers ran jetliners into twin towers, planned by Osama Bin Laden
  • Bush announces Iraq attack

    Bush announces he is ready to attack Iraq
  • muslin bombed train

    Muslin mob fire-bombed a train of hindu activist.
  • U.S and Britian launch war against Iraq

  • Pennslyvania miners

    Penslyvania miners rescued after 77 hours
  • terrorist bomb in Bali

    terrorist set off bomb in Bali
  • California gov.

    Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes californias new gov.
  • Boston Preist sex scandal

    Boston archbishop resigns as a result of sexual abuse scandals
  • space shuttle

    The space shuttle, Columbia explodes killing all 7 astronauts
  • Haiti Riots

    Rebles in Haiti force president Aristide to resign and flee the country
  • Terrorist attack in spain

    spain is rocked by a terrorist attack