African-American History Timeline

Timeline created by DVO21
In History
  • First slaves brought to Virginia.

  • Massachusetts is the first colony to legalize slavery

  • New York makes it illegal for slaves to sell goods.

  • The Pennsylvania Quakers pass the first formal antislavery resolution

  • Vermont is the first of 13 colonies to abolish slavery.

  • Rhode Island forbids the removal of slaves from the state

  • Virginia prohibits the importation of slaves

  • Delaware makes it illegal to enslave imported Africans

  • Slavery is made illegal in the Northwest Territory. The U.S Constitution states that Congress may not ban slave trade until 1808

  • 3/5ths Compromise

  • A federal fugitive slave law is enacted, providing for the return of slaves who had escaped and crossed state borders

  • Fugitives slave act-The whole United States outlaws any efforts to impede the caputer of runaway slaves.

  • United States ban slave trade, and importing African slaves is outlawed, but smuggling continues.

  • Slave preacher Nat Turner, from Virginia, leads a slave revolt which lasts for two days. Sixty whites were killed until Nat and his followers were hanged

  • American Civil War begins

  • American Civil War ends

  • Slavery is abolished