My Life

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  • Parents Married

    My parents got married on May 30, 1981.
  • Kristen was born

    My parents had their first child in March of 1987. Her name is Kristen and we are four years apart.
  • I was born on Groundhog Day!

    I was born on Groundhog Day!
    I was born on February 2, 1991, at 11:25am.
  • Lancaster, CA

    Lancaster, CA
    In April 1993, I went for my first visit to see our family in California. Of course, I do not remember this, but our family has visited numerous times over the years. California is beautiful and my family is wonderful. I hope to go back soon!
  • Disneyland in California

    Disneyland in California
    Starting when I was around eight, we started going to Disneyland in California when we would leave our family and head back home to Alabama. This is when my love for Disneyland and Disney World began!
  • Parents Divorced

    My parents got a divorce.
  • First Trip to Disney World

    First Trip to Disney World
    In 2004, we drove to Disney World the day after Christmas for our first Disney World vacation. We fell in love and have gone back many times. Our next trip will be this Spring Break and we can't wait!
  • Kristen Graduates High School

    Kristen Graduates High School
    My sister, Kristen, graduated from Baker High School in May of 2005. The following Fall she began college at the University of South Alabama and she joined a sorority.
  • My First Knee Surgery

    My First Knee Surgery
    In October of 2005, I had my first knee surgery. The recovery was not too bad but the crutches became very annoying!
  • Gatlinburg, TN.

    In April 2006, I was privileged to go on a trip to the beautiful Gatlinburg, TN. The following summer my family took a week vacation there and had a wonderful time!
  • My Second Knee Surgery

    My Second Knee Surgery
    After my first knee surgery, I started having really bad pain again so they did an "exploritory" surgery to try and figure out what was wrong!
  • Sassafras

    I started my first job in 2006 at a wonderful birthday party place called Sassafras. It was mostly for girls and they got to dress up, get their hair, nails, and make up done, do a fashion show, and, of course, have cake and ice cream. I worked at Sassafras for the following two and a half years until the business was sold and moved across the bay.
  • 16th Birthday

    16th Birthday
    I turned 16 in 2007 and I got my own car!
  • Diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos

    Isn't that a mouthfull! At this point in my life, I had been dealing with a number of health problems that all dealt with legaments and joints. One of my doctors sent me to a geneticist to see if there was something bigger going on. After pages of questions and a number of tests, I was diagnosed with the not-so-common connective tissue disorder called Elhers-Danlos. It was a relief to finally know why I was having all the problems I was.
  • My Third Knee Surgery

    My Third Knee Surgery
    This one was a biggie! We finally realized that my shin bone was not alligned with my hip properly so they had to remove part of my bone. The recovery was brutal; involving four months of crutches and several more months of physical therapy but the pain was finally gone!
  • My First Mission Trip

    My first mission trip with our church youth group was to Jackson, MS. What an eye opening experience. When you think of a mission trip, generally you think out of the country, but our youth group wanted to focus on the poverty and help needed within in the United States.
  • Second Job

    My second job has probably been my favorite. I worked at the Woodridge Learning Center. It was a daycare for babies up to elementary school kids. They offered after-school-care for the elementary kids. When I started working, I experienced working with each age group and was later permanently put in the four year old classroom. This is when I decided I wanted to teach younger kids. I enjoyed their enthusiasm to learn.
  • University of South Alabama Scholarship

    University of South Alabama Scholarship
    In January of 2009, my senior year of high school, I received a letter in the mail from the University of South Alabama offering me a freshman scholarship. Of course, I accepted it and later attended the scholarship dinner that the university held for all students that were offered scholarships.
  • I Graduated High School

    I Graduated High School
    I graduated from Baker High School in May of 2009.
  • My Third Job

    My Third Job
    During the summer of 2009, I worked as a camp counselor at the Girl Scout Camp. I needed the money, and the job seemed fun. I was certfied in small water craft safety, CPR, and first aid. I spent my summer in the woods with the bugs, insects, snakes, and other random reptiles that I was not so fond of. However, the experience was wonderful. Each week we would have a new group of girls come and I was always put with the younger girls. I worked with the girls and helped them learn new skills.
  • My Second MissionTrip

    My Second MissionTrip
    I went on my second mission trip with the youth group at my church in July of 2009. Once again, this was beyond an amazing experience. I would dare to even say it was life changing. We went to Charlotte, NC.
  • Began College

    Began College
    I started my college experience in the Fall Semester of 2009, at the University of South Alabama.
  • My Fourth Knee Surgery

    My Fourth Knee Surgery
    This past November, I had to have two screws, from surgery number 3, removed from my shin. They were coming out on their own and it was VERY painful. Thank goodness, that is all over with now!