10 Most Important Events in World History

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  • Rise of the Enlightenment Ideas and Thinkers

    Rise of the Enlightenment Ideas and Thinkers
    The Enlightenment Ideas and Thinkers In the Enlightenment era, there were many new and interesting ideas that challenged the way things were happening at the time. Some of the ideas questioned religion and supported scince, while others disagreed with kings and monarchs. These ideas changed the world because they gave new ideas to the people which led to many revolutions.
  • Agricultural Revolution

    Agricultural Revolution
    Agricultural RevolutionThe Agricultural Revolution was when there were more advances in farming and farming technologies. The Enclosure Act was when many small farms combined to make a more succesful large farm. Next was the invention of new farming tools, such as the seed drill. This made planting seeds more accurate. This effected the world because the crops were better, which made the people happier.
  • Having Women and Children Work in Factories

    Having Women and Children Work in Factories
    More Information about Women Working When the textile industry started to take off, thanks to the new technologies, many children and women were needed to work in factories. Children usually got very unsafe jobs and unfair hours. Women also got low pay and not generous hours. This impacted the world because women and children were looked at differently then, than they had been before.
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    A Detailed Account of the American RevolutionThis was when the Americans were fed up with being under the control of the British. They were tired of paying unfair taxes and not getting a say in the government. Then they revolted against the British and fought for their independence. Through a series of long battles, many injuries, and harsh circumstances, the Americans prevailed, won the war, and gained their independence from England. They gave ideas to other countries through this revolution.
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    French Revolution Web SiThe French Revolution was when the French citizens were tired of being under the control of a king. They wanted to have political freedom and assist in making decisions, so the citizens revolted. Citizens were punished for believing to be against the revolution. This impacted the world because it showed that the citizens cared about their government, and it showed that citizens could change their government.
  • The Cotton Gin

    The Cotton Gin
    More About The Cotton Gin The cotton gin was created by Eli Whitney. It was used to seperate the unwanted seeds from the rest of the cotton. This invention was extremley important to the textile industry because it make the process go faster. Seperating cotton took a long time, so once this machine could do it quickly, more clothes could be made in the same amount of time.
  • Rise of Imerialism

    Rise of Imerialism
    Information About the Age of Imperialism The age of imperialsim was when large countries wanted to start taking over small countries. The 3 main reasons for anarea getting colonized were political (wanting land for military bases), economic (making money off of the area) and social (trying to change the culture of the area). This effected the world because many countries got taken over, but also, many countries colonized land.
  • Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand

    Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
    A Very Detailed Account of the Assassination of Archduke Ferninand Archduke Francis Ferdinand was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. He and his wife were on a trip to Sarajevo when they got assassinated. The day was June 28, 1914. This event was important because this made Austria-Hungary declare war on Serbia since Francis Ferdinand was assassinated. In turn, this led to the first World War.
  • World War One

    World War One
    More Facts About World War 1 World War 1 was a world-wide conflict involving two sides (Allied and Central Powers). The causes of this war were militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism. The Allied Powers ended up winning the war. It was a fairly long, and very bloody war. Many lives were lost in the Great War. After the war, the League of Nations was created to help solve the problems of the world.
  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution
    The Russian Revolution The Russian Revolution was a time where Russia was going through some changes. First of all, Czar Nicholas stepped down, leaving Russia without anyone in charge. The problems kept going on and on until Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks won.