10 Key Historical Energy Events

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  • Discovering Electricity

    Discovering Electricity
    During a lightning storm, Ben Franklin was the first to understand how electricity works.
  • FIrst Solar Energy

    FIrst Solar Energy
    Horace de Saussure was the first to invent a hot box that was able to produce energy from the sun's rays
  • First Electric Lightbulb

    First Electric Lightbulb
    First lighting bulb was made by Humphry Davy along with the help of Thomas Edison
  • First Electrical Car

    First Electrical Car
    Robert Anderson was the first to invent an automobile that was used off of electricity
  • First Hydroelectric scheme

    First Hydroelectric scheme
    William George Armstrong developed the first hydroelectric scheme in England
  • First Electrical Power Plant

    First Electrical Power Plant
    First power plant went into business 1882 and was started by Thomas Edison and Edward Thomas
  • First Electrical Outlet

    First Electrical Outlet
    Harvey Hubbell was the first to make a two pronged electrical outlet that is found in modern homes today
  • First Geothermal Energy

    First Geothermal Energy
    In Italy, the first geothermal energy was put into business for industrial use
  • First Electrical Television Set

    First Electrical Television Set
    Philo Fentsworth had invented the first television set that was ran off electricity in 1927
  • First Electrical Robot

    First Electrical Robot
    George Devol invented the first programmable robot which was named Unimate.