10/23/2020 CIS105

Timeline created by dylanmiddlemiss99
  • First camera phone

    The first phone camera is introduced by a Japanese company called "SoftBank". In todays world we use our phone cameras for everything. It'd be hard to imagine what it would be like to carry around a camera all day if didn't have the luxury of having a camera on our phones.
  • Period: to

    Technology Use Progression

  • Roomba

    The Roomba is invented. This is a Vacuum that can clean a room by itself while avoiding obsticles in the room. Rodney Brooks, co-founder of the company iRobot came up with this idea. These are beneficial to some because not everyone might have time to vacuum. So you get a Roomba to do it for you while you can't
  • Blu-ray DVD's

    Created in 2003, these were the successor of the DVD. It enhanced video quality from 480p to 1080p. This was the first stepping stone in video quality for the future.
  • Hulu is created

    Hulu is created and is the first service of its kind to allow users to access streamed video content on demand. This is huge because it sets the path for other services like this, such as Netflix
  • Mobile web hits mass market

    3G networks start offering web applications that are downloadable to a mobile device. This is huge because now a days we use apps on our phones to do just about everything