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  • Organization Founded

    Organization Founded
    WWF was founded in Morges, Switzerland under the name World Wildlife Fund. Its job was to save the planet's natural wildlife and vegetation.
  • Rainforest

    WWF made the first major conservation plan for an entire biome rather than just individual species of plants and animals. Their work in rainforests across the globe helps them survive the harsh danger of human activity.
  • Panda Conservation Plan

    Panda Conservation Plan
    WWF in association with the Ministry of Forestry created a law that makes a dedicated section of forests in China as a reservation for giant pandas.
  • Living Planet

    Living Planet
    The first Living Planet report was made in 1998 and since then, it has become a staple for those studying conservation science as it tells the current state of the planet's wildlife and forest.
  • Congo Forest

    Congo Forest
    WWF reached out to African governments and made stricter rules on poaching and deforestation
  • Amazon Rainforest

    Amazon Rainforest
    WWF worked with governments in South America on a plan to save about 12% of the Amazon from deforestation.
  • Earth Hour

    Earth Hour
    WWF started the Earth Hour event to raise awareness to the issue of wildlife destruction and also raise money to combat the issue.
  • Pesticide

    WWF led its first investigations into the dangers of pesticides on native plants and how they grow in that ecosystem. They determined that many pesticides did too much damage to wildlife and native vegetation.
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    Raising Money Early

    WWF raised over 5.6 million dollars in its first decade. In the 1960s 5.6 million was a humongous amount. http://wwf.panda.org/who_we_are/history/50_years_of_achievements/
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