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  • Why World War 1 Began

    Why World War 1 Began
    Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife were shot and killed in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
  • The Proclamation of War

    The Proclamation of War
    Germany proclaimed war on Russia and then the domino effect happened until the rest of Europe was in war.
  • A New Weapon was Created

    A New Weapon was Created
    At the Second Battle of Ypres a new weapon was introduced; poison gas.
  • The Lusitania

    The Lusitania
    The Lusitania was sunk.
  • The Battle of Verdun

    The Battle of Verdun
    This was the longest and bloodiest battle of this war.
  • The Lafayette Escadrille

    The Lafayette Escadrille
    The Lafayette Escadrille was the first American air squadron.
  • The battle of the Somme

    The battle of the Somme
    This was the first time Somme tanks were introduces.
  • American responses

    The Zimmermann Telegram was what Wilson did not want. He wrote in his notes he said he was shocked the next day U.S sent ships were sent out.
  • declaring war

    declaring war
    The U.S. declares war on Germany.
  • 14 points to peace

    14 points to peace
    President Wilson issues the 14 points to peace.
  • Who Won World War 1

    Who won world war one was the Allies. They were not shocked that they won they knew they were going to won. Somewhere between 1918-1919
  • Spring Offensive

    Spring Offensive
    The British and French go against the Germans for a 5 hour battle near Somme River.
  • The Ram of After Shock.

    before the war started everything was good the people thought it was getting better and better, But after the was they were all shocked the people didn't know what to do after the war
  • Period: to

    When It Ended

    World War I ended because Germany signed a agreement with the Allies.
  • Period: to

    Peace Conference

    January 18, 1919 This date was when Pairs Peace Conference.