World War I

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  • Sinking of the Luisatania

    Sinking of the Luisatania
    In 1914 the British passeneger liner, the Luisatania was sunk by a German u-boat. On the ship there were US citizens that were killed. That's one of the reasons that led the US to declaring war on Germany. It was sunk near the Irish coast. The boat refused a convoy. It was headed from Liverpool to New York. Over 1000 people were killed.
  • Franze Ferdinand assination

    Franze Ferdinand assination
    The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand started the instigated the beginning of world war I. The arch-duke was killed by
    Gavrilo Princip a radicalized Serbian. The assassination gave Austria-Hungary a long awaited reason to declare war on Serbia even thought the assassination had nothing to do with the Serbian government.
  • Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia

  • First use of gas as a weapon by the Germans

    First use of gas as a weapon by the Germans
  • Zimmerman telegrahm

    Arthur Zimmerman, a German ambassador, sent a telegram to the German Embassy in Mexico. The note encouraged Mexico to invade the southern border of the United States. His idea was to distract America from European affairs. The British intercepted the telegram and informed President Wilson. At first the American people thought it was just propaganda until Arthur even admitted to it. This deeply anger American and contributed to the US declaring war. Finally Mexico decided not to declare war.
  • U.S. declared war on Germany

    U.S. declared war on Germany
    On May 6th the US declared war on Germany so they entered WWI. The declaration came after sunken ships, requests for other countries to declare war on them, ect..The president during this time was Woodrow Wilson
  • Wilson reelected; pledged American neutrality

    On October 7 Woodrow Wilson was re-elected saying that would remain neutral as he did before in his first term. Making this promise was a big reason that he re-elected. Yet just two days after getting re-elected he asked congress for a declaration of war.
  • Bulshiviks led by Vlad Lennon overthrow the Russian gorervment

    Bulshiviks led by Vlad Lennon overthrow the Russian gorervment
    In Russia in 1917 there were two seccessful reolutions, one in that Feb and one in Nov. The one in November was led by Vlad Lenon. After he won he did the popular thing in Russia and got out of the war after giving Russia a lot of money and land. This was done since Russsia was really poor and had lots of starving people. He turned Russia into a communist courtry.
  • War ends

    The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is when the fighting in WWI stops and an armistice is signed. The treaty of paris was signed on Jan 1, 1920. How Germany responded and built up their country led to WWII
  • Treaty of Versailles

    On June 28 the treaty of Versailes was signed by the allies, minus the US, and by Germany. The treaty made Germany pay huge repreations, admit that it was it's fault and demobize completely.