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  • 12,300 BCE

    Humans arrive in the Pacific NW by way of the Bering Straight

  • 4,000 BCE

    Afro-Asiatic-speaking populations arrived from Nile Valley

  • 3,000 BCE

    Earliest know human writings in Ethiopia from Ancient Egypt

  • -300 BCE

    Polynesian peoples arrive in Hawaii

  • 5

    Athenians adopt a democratic government system

  • 341

    Ethiopia adopts Christianity

  • 484

    Herodotus, "father of history," is born

  • Jan 1, 647

    Arabs force Islam into the Maghreb area in Africa

  • Jan 1, 650

    Somolia converts to Islam

  • Jan 1, 987

    Russia - Vladimir the Great unites Kievan Rus

  • Jan 1, 988

    Russia - Vladimir converted the country from Slavic paganism to Eastern Orthodox.

  • Jan 1, 1054

    Europe and Asia - Schism in the Catholic Church

  • Jan 1, 1100

    First Muslims arrive in India

  • Jan 1, 1215

    Magna Carta signed by England

    Took some power from King, gave it to people.
  • Jan 1, 1221

    Genghis Khan leads first Mongol invasion of India

  • Jan 1, 1288

    Marco Polo visits in India

  • Jan 1, 1321

    First Christian Missionary arrives in India

  • Jan 1, 1480

    Ivan the Great overthrows Mongol rule

  • Jan 1, 1498

    Vasco da Gama is the first European explorers to reach India from Sea-route

  • Jan 1, 1519

    Hernan Cortes enters Tenochtitlan

  • Jan 1, 1521

    Cortes takes Tenochtitlan for Spain and renames Mexico City

  • Jan 1, 1533

    Ivan the Terrible unifies the Russian state.

  • Jan 1, 1535

    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado travels to New Spain

  • Jan 1, 1535

    Hernando Cortes explores the area latter known as California for the Spanish

  • Jan 1, 1542

    Emperor Akbar begins religious reforms in effort to unite Muslims and Hindus

  • Jan 1, 1543

    Pacific NW officially claimed for Spain

  • Jan 1, 1579

    Sir Francis Drake lands in California and claims for England, only to find it belongs to the Spanish

  • British East India Company Established; given exclusive rights to trade with India

  • Emperor Aurangzeb outlaws Hindu worship in India

  • Pueblo Revolt against the Spanish

  • Peter the Great creates Russian Empire

  • British Warren Hastings appointed first Governor-General of India

  • Declaration of Independence signed.

  • Spain recognizes Britain’s claim to Oregon

  • French take Algeria and make it a colony

  • French take Tunisia to provide protection for Algeria

  • French take Morocco to protect Algeria.

  • Winston Churchill commissions the first tank

  • The first tank "Little Willie," followed by "Big Willie" is built

  • Germany begins production of the Panzer I

  • US begins production of the Sherman tank

  • Russia sends Sputnik I into space

  • US sends Explorer I into space.

  • Russia sends Yuri Gagarin into orbit around the Earth.

  • Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space.

  • Neil Armstrong steps on the moon

  • French pull out of Algeria

  • Archaeologists discover oldest known human ancestor

    Ardipithecus ramidus kadaba (5 million years ago)
  • Altair comes out as first home computer

  • Apple releases Apple I home computer

  • Apple releases Apple II with "graphical user interface"

  • Arab Maghreb Union created as an economic union between Maghreb states.

  • Period:
    1,800 BCE
    Jan 1, 900

    Mayan empire exists

  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1400

    Christianity and Feudalism spread throughout Europe

    Led to the spread and acceptance of more democratic gov'ts.
  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1220
    Jan 1, 1480

    Russia submits to the Golden Horde

  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1271
    Jan 1, 1368

    Yuan/Mongol Dynasty in China

    Mongols introduce shamanism.
  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1345
    Jan 1, 1521

    Aztec empire exists

  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1368

    Ming Dynasty in China

    Taoism and Buddhism became state sanctioned religions.
  • Period: to

    Ch’ing Dynasty in China

    Religion became state sactioned
  • Period: to

    Apollo Soyuz Test Project becomes first joint country project in space