What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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  • Preliminary Task

    From taking photos during my Preliminary task, I found that models must have space to look into for either extra details or text. Also, I found that things with a purposes must be in focus. This means that the viewer can then see this more clearly then irrelevant things so that it is clear that it is meant to be there.
  • Planning my Production

    Here I had to take photos for editing when making my final product. This was the first time I had hands on a camera so I had to learn how to use one from the start. From here I learnt how to use the basic functions of the camera as well as how to use automatic and manual focus. I found that manual was more effective for what I was doing as a lot of things had to be out of focus for my photos to look effective and professional.
  • Construction of my Product

    Here was when I finally started using the software on the computer to edit photos and create drafts/final pieces of my magazine. It was hard to start with as i had never used Photoshop before but as I used it more I began to understand how it worked and realised how to use each of the basic functions such as 'clone stamp' and changing brightness/contrast etc. This meant that I was able to create more character for my main image as well as fit in as many codes and conventions as possible.
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