Vocabulary Timeline

Timeline created by AiryO
  • 2,017 BCE

    Botched (204)

    Botched (204)
    Treasure Island (Pg's. 138 - 209) "Silver was told he'd botched the whole cruise and all their plans and would be a fool to admit anything less" Definition - Carry out (a task) badly or carelessly.
  • Glistened (97)

    Glistened (97)
    Goosebumps - Most Wanted - Son Of Slappy - (53 - 108) ¨Hey eyes glistened¨ Definition - (of something wet or greasy) shine; glitter.
  • Multitude (109)

    Multitude (109)
    Treasure Island (Pg. 99 - 113) "The multitude of the birds were disturbed and rose out of marsh" (Stevenson) Definition - A large number.
  • Unfurled (82)

    Unfurled (82)
    Treasure Island - (Pgs 171 - 187) ¨I could almost hear the old captain singing the words, but in short order, the anchor was up and the sails were unfurled Definition - Make or become spread out from a rolled or folded state, especially in order to be open to the wind.
  • Garments (113)

    Garments (113)
    Treasure Island (Pg. 99 - 113) "He had made garments from old snails and other canvas" (Stevenson .113) Definition - An item of clothing.
  • Wholeheartedly (4)

    Wholeheartedly (4)
    Robinson Crusoe (Pgs. 1-14) "My parents wholeheartedly disapproved"
  • Contemplated (60)

    Contemplated (60)
    Robinson Crusoe - (Pgs. 28-61) "I sat down on the beach and contemplated both options" (Defoe.60) Definition - Look thoughtfully for a long time at.
  • Wept (109)

    Wept (109)
    Robinson Crusoe (Pgs. 73 - 123) "I wept" (Defoe. 109) Definition - Past and past participle of weep.
  • Incoherent (75)

    Incoherent (75)
    D.O.A.W.K - (Pgs 1-80) " parents came running in and Rowley starts babbling all of this incoherent gibberish" (Pg, 75) Definition - (Of Spoken Or Written Language) Expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; Unclear.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen Peroxide
    D.O.A.W.K (Pg.184) - (Pgs. 122-186) "And in all the commotion of Rowley crying and mom trying to rub hydrogen peroxide on his rear end, I was finally able to get ride of that stupid thing" (Pg. 184) Definition - A colorless, viscous, unstable liquid with strong oxidizing properties, commonly used in diluted form in disinfectants and bleaches.