Vietnam War

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  • Geneva Accords

    Geneva Accords
    Representatives from the US, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, China, and France met in Geneva, Switzerland to resolve problems in Asia, particularly about the war between the French and Indochina.
  • SDS Founded

    SDS Founded
    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was founded by Tom Hayden and Al Haber. The SDS said that large corporations and institutions had taken over the US and called for greater individual freedom.
  • Coup of Ngo Dinh Diem

    Coup of Ngo Dinh Diem
    Due to Diem's ongoing corruption and his persecution of the Buddhists, a U.S. supported military coup removed Diem from power. Later he was assassinated against President Kennedy's wishes.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    About 70,000 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops attacked over 100 South Vietnamese metropolitan cities and some US and South Vietnamese bases.
  • My Lai Massacre

    My Lai Massacre
    Charlie Company launched a brutal massacre of over 500 innocent villagers including women and children at My Lai. The US army attempted to cover it up, but it was eventually discovered and a special investigation was launched.
  • Protests at Democratic Convention

    Protests at Democratic Convention
    At the Democratic Convention in Chicago, thousands of protesters came out to show their support for the anti-war cause. As demonstrators gathered in a downtown park, the thousands of police moved in, spraying the protesters with mace and beating them with nightsticks.
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    Within months of the US departure from Vietnam, the North launched a full scale invasion of the South. North Vietnamese tanks rolled into Saigon and captured the city and South Vietnam surrendered.