Timeline created by javito12
  • Homestead Act

    Homestead Act
    Homestead act motivated people to settle west by giving them land.
  • • Transcontinental Railroad Completed

  • • Industrialization Begins to Boom

  • Boss Tweed rise at Tammany Hall

  • • Telephone Invented

    •	Telephone Invented
    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
  • • Reconstruction Ends

  • • Light Bulb Invented

  • • Third Wave of Immigration

  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    Chinese Exclusion Act restricted Chinese immigrants into the United States for 10 years.
  • Pendleton Act

    Pendleton  Act
    The Pendleton Act was a law that said that positions should be earned by merit and not because you know them
  • • Dawes Act

    •	Dawes Act
    Dawes Act made Native Americans live like normal Americans.
  • Interstate Commerce Act

    Interstate Commerce Act
    The Interstate Commerce Act was a law to regulate the railroad industry
  • Andrew Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth

    Andrew Carnegie's Gospel of Wealth
    Gospel of Wealth is an article written by Andrew Carnegie that talks about how the rich should share their money to help others.
  • • Klondike Gold Rush

    •	Klondike Gold Rush
    The Klondike Gold Rush was when many people migrated to the Klondike Region of Yukon in North-Western Canada.
  • Sherman Anti-Trust Act

    Sherman Anti-Trust Act
    The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was a law that tried to prevent monopoly
  • Influence of Sea Power Upon History

  • Homestead Steel Labor Strike

  • Pullman Labor Strike

    Pullman Labor Strike
    The Pullman Act was when many employees of the Pullman Factory went to strike in response to their lowered wages.
  • Annexation of Hawaii

  • Spanish American War

    Spanish American War
    Spanish American War was cause by the explosion of the Battleship Maine
  • Open door policy

    Open door policy
    Open Door Policy was basically equal privileges of all countries trading with China
  • Assassination of President McKinley

  • Panama Canal U.S. Construction begins

    Panama Canal U.S. Construction begins
    Panama Canal was built to travel trough the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean faster.
  • The Jungle

  • Pure Food and Drug Act

  • 16th Amendment

  • Federal Reserve Act

  • 17th Amendment

    17th Amendment
    The Senate should be composed of 2 senators from each state allowing people to vote for them
  • National Parks System

  • 18th amendment

    18th amendment
    18th Amendment is the prohibition of alcohol.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    19th Amendment is Women's Suffrage
  • Period: to

    Gilded Age

  • Period: to

    Progressive Era

  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Political parties:
    Republican Party/Progressive (Bull Moose) Party
    Domestic Party: Square Deal ( 3 C's), Trust, Busting , Consumers, Conservation (Nature)
    Ensuring he society as a whole not just to one company or person
    Big stick Diplomacy-leaders should strive for peace while keeping other nations aware of military power.
  • Period: to

    William Howard Taft

    Political Party:
    Republican Party
    Domestic Policies:
    3'Cs :( 16/17 Amendments
    Implement and continue teddy's program.
    Dollar diplomacy- To further its aims of Latin America and East Asia trough use of its economic power
  • Period: to

    Woodrow Wilson

    Political Parties: Democrat
    Domestic Policy: Clayton Anti-Trust Act, National Parks Service, Federal Reserve Act, 18th and 19th Amendments.