Timeline of Business Opportunities Identified and pursued

Timeline created by Robert Jones
  • Yarm Primary School Trip

    Yarm Primary School Trip
    School emailed with an enquiry whilst I was changing business models. Perfect way to test new bespoke service.
    Four day School Trip around Northumberland between 16th and 19th May. Trip Includes:
    Day 1: Alnwick Castle Harry Potter Tour provided by Ron Weasley (me)
    Day 2: Bamburgh Beach and Grace Darling Trail/Musuem
    Day 3: Holy Island of Lindisfarne history, local produce and activities
    Day 4: Home via Durham Cathedral
  • Kielder Observatory Northumbria Physics Society

    Kielder Observatory Northumbria Physics Society
    Approached Physics Society to see if they'd be interested in a stargazing trip where they could use their society grant to subsidise the trip to make it cheaper for their members. Trip included a 3 hour stargazing event that consisted of using powerful telescopes, locating constellations, examining and holding meteorites and a cosmology presentation. Trip also included entertaining and informative commentary.
  • Battlesteads Observatory and Hotel with Northumbria Physics Society

    Battlesteads Observatory and Hotel with Northumbria Physics Society
    Physics Society were keen to explore the options of the stargazing trips so I also went to Battlesteads to determine logistics, cost, package to offer the customer etc as a stargazing trip. Was extremely important to do as it is a potential trip to do in the future, but there was more profitability in going to Kielder and the president of Physics Society Christopher Markwell also wanted to say he was responsible for taking Physics Society stargazing to one of the Dark Sky areas.
  • Trip to Lake District with Northumbria European Society and Newcastle Erasmus Society

    Trip to Lake District with Northumbria European Society and Newcastle Erasmus Society
    Funk Band and Joey Swindells introduced me to Marc Scuhldreier. Marc mentioned that he wanted to put on a trip for the European Society and from there we've just developed the idea into options and have also collaborated with Newcastle Erasmus Society to make sure the trip is a success on the 20th May. The trip includes either a 3 hour waterfall jumping and rock scrambling session in Coiniston and free time in Ambleside or a tour around Ambleside's Stock Ghyll Force Waterfall park by me.
  • Day Trip around Northumberland for International Customers

    Day Trip around Northumberland for International Customers
    A woman named Phill Lamon phoned the Alnwick Tourist Information Centre (TIC) to enquire about a tour around Northumberland. The TIC remembered me from the summer and recommended Lundgren Tours to provide the service, which is now a trip taking place on the 27th April for 6 people from the Swiss Alps. The trip includes a walk along Alnmouth Beach, a visit to Alnwick Castle and also a trip to Cragside to explore the scenery and Lord Armstrong's home - where hydroelectricity was first invented.
  • Freshers Week Trip to Alnwick

    Freshers Week Trip to Alnwick
    With my heavy involvement and relationship building with the Student Union, I decided it was time to challenge myself and organise a trip during Northumbria Student Union's Fresher's Week. Paddy Rathbone and the other members of staff in charge of Student Activities are currently in the process of confirming my trip to Alnwick Castle and the surrounding attractions on Sunday 10th September 2017. The trip shall include a free tour/activity of some kind (either Harry Potter or Film - undecided).
  • Student Accommodation Residential Trips

    Student Accommodation Residential Trips
    Marc from European Society and I went to a student accommodation rebrand of Glassworks by True Student in Newcastle to see if there were any students who wanted to go to the Lake District Trip. Instead we met Ian Jackson, one of the managers at True Student, who wants Lundgren Tours to provide residential trips to the international students of the accommodation in particular in the next academic year. Ian and a few members of his team are coming on the trip to Lake District on the 20th May.
  • Period: to

    Timespan of New Business Model

    Lundgren Tours is currently being managed as a result of the adaptation of Ries' Lean Start Up Principles, which has been applied to the ew business model.