The Seven Ages Of Man Kortney Puryear

Timeline created by kortney.puryear
  • The infant

    The infant
    The infant is to always be taken care by others.
  • Schoolboy

    Even though the boy dosent want to go to school he has to anyway.
  • Finding love

    Finding love
    The young man is starting to figure out what love is.
  • Soilders

    soilders require a lot of independence. this young man has a lot of independence and might decide to become a soilder
  • Justice

    he is all grown and might have kids and he then shall teach them vaulable lessons.
  • growing older

    growing older
    the man is now and elder and has precious grandchildren.
  • the dead man

    the dead man
    the old man has lived his life to the fullest and is now he is in heaven.