The Life of Kye Smith

Timeline created by ksmith42
  • Birth

    About Banner Med Center in MesaKye Smith is born in the Banner Health Center in Mesa
  • Kye Learns to Walk

    Kye Learns to Walk
    Being recorded in his parents' bedroom, Kye suprisingly gets onto his feet and walks back and forth between his mom and dad.
  • Starts Kindergarten at Settler's Point Elementary

    Starts Kindergarten at Settler's Point Elementary
    Learn More about Settler's PointKye's first step in education begins on Settler's Point Dr.
  • Visits LegoLand in Carlsbad, CA

    Visits LegoLand in Carlsbad, CA
    Learn More about LegolandKye visits his first amusement park, LegoLand, in Carlsbad, Southern California.
  • Kye takes up Golf

    Kye takes up Golf
    Learn more about Dobson RanchKye's dad, Micheal, enjoys golf and takes him out to the driving range to hit some balls at Dobson Ranch Golf Course.
  • Loses First Tooth

    Loses First Tooth
    While eating pizza, Kye loses and accidentally swallows his first tooth! He didn't even realize it until the next morning.
  • Kye completes Cathecism

    Kye completes Cathecism
    Learn More about St. Anne'sAt the church of St. Anne's, Kye completes 5 years of cathecism with communion.
  • Smith begins Tackle Football

    Smith begins Tackle Football
    Learn More about Pop WarnerKye starts his first season of tackle football on the Bearcats, a Pop Warner team.
  • Begins Junior High

    Begins Junior High
    Learn more about South ValleyAfter 7 long years at Settler's Point, Kye Smith walks onto the campus at South Valley Junior High as a seventh grader.
  • Starts Social Media

    Kye starts his social media career with a Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Football Trip to San Diego

    Kye goes to California to play his last youth football game in a tournement.
  • Acquires Twitter

    Acquires Twitter
    Kye downloads and creates a Twitter and gets most of his information about school and local news from it.
  • Kye Begins High School

    Kye Begins High School
    Learn more about MesquiteKye leaves South Valley with his head high and confident on his high school career ahead of him.
  • First High School Football Game

    After many months of preperation, Kye finally makes it to the first game against Gilbert at home.
  • Kye Begins High School Soccer

    Kye Begins High School Soccer
    Kye hadn't played soccer in a long time and he decided to strap on the guards for some extra conditioning.