The Life Of Juan Peron

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  • Juan's Birth

    Juan's Birth
    On October 8, 1895, Juan Peron was born. He lived with a modest family in Lobos Argentina. Juan was a single child from Juana Sosa Toledo and Mario Tomás Perón
  • Juan's Early Years

    Juan's Early Years
    When Juan was young, he was very athletic, playing several sports.These sports included fencing, skiing and boxing. In 1911 Peron was 16, and joined military school.
  • Juan's First Years In The Military

    Juan's First Years In The Military
    Juan’s first assignments in the military were diplomatic. In 1938-1940 Peron served as an attache to Chile. This was his first major assignment.
  • Juan Joins The GOU

    Juan Joins The GOU
    In 1941, Juan came back to Argentina from his assignment as an attache. He then joined Grupo de Oficiales Unidos, a secret group of military officers. This group shared ideas on Trading Unions and labor rights.
  • Juan helps Overthrow The Civilian Government

    Juan helps Overthrow The Civilian Government
    Juan Peron continually shared ideas and traded ideas with the GOU until 1943. In 1943, Peron was busy helping the GOU overthrow the civilian government. This included making a coup d etat against President Ramon Castillo of Argentina.
  • Juan Gains Political Power

    Juan Gains Political Power
    Juan Peron’s influence began to grow. He started as the secretary of labor and social welfare, then became vice president from 1944-1945. Juan’s power was definitely rising.
  • Juan's Popularity

    Juan's Popularity
    Juan Peron was very popular in the military, as well as in the groups of laborers. In 1945 a military effort was meant to squash Peron’s influence, but because of his popularity, it failed. Rebellious acts could not stop Juan Peron.
  • Juan's First Wife

    Juan's First Wife
    In 1945, Juan married a woman named Evita. Evita was a smart but also beautiful woman. She quit her acting job and became an intelligent political partner with her husband.
  • Juan Becomes President

    Juan Becomes President
    After the happenings of 1945, Juan wanted to improve his influence. So, he made a radio announcement addressing tens of thousands of people reinforcing his power as a national leader. After that in 1946, Juan became President of Argentina.
  • Juan's Political Fall

    Juan's Political Fall
    During his presidency, Juan promoted a “Third Way” of government that was not communist nor capitalist. His presidency went from 1946-1955, or until the military drove him out.His wife had died, so he went alone to Madrid.
  • Juan's Re-election And Death

    Juan's Re-election And Death
    Juan married a woman named Isabel in Madrid and started to rebuild his life. Even from Madrid, Peron exerted enough political influence to help shape the Peronist movement, giving him a chance to run for presidency of Argentina. Juan was president from 1973-1974 when he died July 1st 1974