The History of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance

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  • Jan 1, 1500

    1500 Italy's courts

    1500 Italy's courts
    Ballet began in Italian renaissances courts during the 16th century King Louis the fourteenth started hosting balls with dances that his court would perform for the guests. Women were not allowed to perform only men could perform and dress up like the women roles.
  • The first school and Company, Paris Opera Ballet

    The first school and Company, Paris Opera Ballet
    In 1762 the first Ballet school and company was founded The Pairs Opera Ballet. The popular dance had moved from Italy to France. The school trained young dancers and performed mostly with the opera.
  • The first Female Dancer

    The first Female Dancer
    In 1681 the first female dancer was introduced her name was Mademoiselle de Lafontaine. She first performed the ballet Le triomphe de l'Amour.
  • Shortened Dresses

    Shortened Dresses
    One of the fist professional dancers name Maria Camargo thought that the dresses were too long and heavy. she then shortened the to the ankles so people could see her feet while dancing. At the time many people were shocked.
  • Moving away from the Opera

    Moving away from the Opera
    French ballet master Jean Georges Noverre rebelled against the artifice of opera-ballet, believing that ballet could stand on its own as an art form. His notions — that ballet should contain expressive, dramatic movement that should reveal the relationships between characters.
  • The Romantic Era

    The Romantic Era
    In the begin of the 19th century ballets such as Giselle and La Slyphinde were performed. The romantic era was know for long flowing tutus and dramatic love stories capturing the audience attention. The tutus were also shortened to calf-length by now.
  • Russian Ballet

    Russian Ballet
    In the mid 19th century the popularity of ballet began to move to Russia where a man named Petipa began to create some of the most famous ballets which are still performed regular today. Such as The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. He worked with famous composer Tchaikovsky.
  • Ponite Shoes

    Ponite Shoes
    In 1832 during the romantic era women became more important roles in ballets and began dancing on ponite to make the look elongated and lighter.
  • Degas

    Degas was a famous painter in the 19th century he was know for painting Ballet dancers rehearsing backstage and in class. His works are still shown today through out the world.
  • Modern Dance

    Modern Dance
    1930 the United States had become the center for dance experimentation.Martha Graham evolved her technique of contraction and release from the natural exhalation and inhalation of breathing. In her early abstract works she explored movement initiated in the torso.
  • Ballet in America

    Ballet in America
    In the 1940's two of the most famous ballet schools and companies in the US we open know as American Ballet Theater and New York city Ballet.
  • Dance Today

    Today all schools and companies focus on ballet and modern dance creating new ballets and performing old ones.
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    Jan 1, 1500

    The History of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance