the french revolution

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  • the fall of the bastille

    has been celebrated ever since as the beginning of the french nation state
  • the beginning of a new united states

    the french revoluton was more complex more violent and far more radical
  • the meeting of the estates general opened

    the estates general was composed of represenatives from the three orders of french society
  • national assembly

    the third estates demanded that each deputy have one vote
  • national assembly

    the national assembly voted to abloish the rights of lordland as well as the finanicial privileges of noblr and clergy
  • Napoleon became captain of french revolution

    napoleon rose quckly through the ranks of the french army. in 1792 he became captain two years later at the ae of only 24he was made a brigadier general by the committee of public safety
  • national convention 1792

    national convention starts it session. it had been called to a draft a new constitution, it also acted the soverign ruling body of france
  • king louis

    the execution of king louis pushed the french revolution into a new radical stage
  • king louis death

    the montain won at the beginning when it conviced the national convention to pass a decree condemning louis to death
  • the coalition was poised 1793

    the coalition was poised for an invasion of france. if successful both the revolution and the revolutionaries would be destroyed
  • committee of public saftey

    the committee of public safety took control. the committeeacted to defend france from foregin and domestic threats
  • Napoleon consul1799

    Napoleon became consul in 1799 france was at war with a european coalition of russia, great britain, and austria.
  • British navy

    The british navy decisive defeat of a combined french spanish fleet at trafalgar in 1805
  • grand army enter russia

    Grand army of over six hundred thousand men enter russia. Napolean opes for victory depended on a quick defeat of the russian army
  • Paris was capture 1814

    The military disater led other european states to rise up and attack the crippled french army
  • napoleon

    Napolean made his entry into paris in triu ph on march 20,1815
  • waterloom in beligium

    Napolean met a combined and prussian army under the Duke of Wellington and suffered a bloody defeat