The Cold War

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  • United Nations formed

  • Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech

  • Introduction of the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan

  • Creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

  • Mao's Communists are victorious in the Chinese Civil War

  • The Korean War begins

  • Warsaw Pact signed

  • USSR launches Sputnik

  • Construction of Berlin Wall

  • JFK assassinated

  • The Suez Crisis

  • America enters the Vietnam War

  • US Astronauts land on the moon

  • The creation of the democratic West Germany

  • SALT2 pact signed

  • Russia invades Afghanistan

  • Gorbachev becomes president of the USSR, introduces policy of “glasnost”

  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

  • Period: to

    The Yalta Conference

  • Period: to

    The Berlin Blockade

  • Period: to

    Hungarian uprising

  • Period: to

    The Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Period: to

    Detente in Europe

  • Period: to

    Collapse of the USSR